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Get Integrated Project Delivery: An Action Guide for Leaders today
IPD - An Action Guide for Leaders is designed to take you from basic understanding of IPD concepts to being able to deliver projects yourself.  

Packed with helpful graphics, insights and real project examples, this is the resource you have been waiting for to introduce you to IPD and take you to the next level.

Broken into sections, this tool will help you be successful:

     - Is IPD Right for You and Your Project
     - Path to Contract: Establishing Common Purpose
     - From Beginning to End: Ongoing Considerations
     - Early Work: Processes and Tools
     - Later Work: Maintaining Momentum
     - What Goes Wrong and What We Can Do About It

With these secrets to success, take the chance out of project delivery and add reliability back into your portfolio.  Get it today!
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This guide has thought-provoking examples and offers clear principles for team who want to follow collaborative practices to deliver extraordinary results.
-Pamela Touschner
DLR Group
This easy to read guide will help answer most common questions.  It is an excellent resource that can be used during all phases of an IPD project.
- Kelly Fawcett 
Canadian Nuclear Laboratories
This document has captured so many different issues that I have seen with numerous teams.  It will be a great tool for the prospective owners and team members to read prior to agreeing to move forward with this project procurement process.
- Ron Migliori
Buehler & Buehler Structural Engineers

Origins of the Action Guide for Leaders

This guide was the result of a collaborative writing process between five IPD subject-matter experts that made up the guide's core team.  Much of the content found in this guide derived form the conversations that took place at the IPD Advisory Council workshop on May 2, 2017, at the Center for Education Research in Construction of the Department of Construction Management at the University of Washington.

At this workshop, the IPD Advisory Council - a group of twenty IPD-experienced industry professionals, representing public and private owners, contractors, architects, and trades from across the US and Canada - gathered with our subject-matter experts to discuss choosing IPD and establishing goals; actions for when things go wrong; project processes and tools' and legal, commercial, management, and team0culture strategies and best practices.

These workshop conversations were recorded, transcribed, and then expanded on by the core team.  A completed draft of the guide was then peer reviewed by a group of eighteen industry professionals and academic experts.  Following the peer review, the core team integrated the reviewers' comments into the guide, creating the guide you see here.  Understanding the dynamic nature of IPD and the building industry, this guide represents IPD as it is currently practiced.
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